Tourism – is a journey, a person committed in their spare time in recreational, educational, vocational, business, sports, religious and other purposes. This is one of the types of recreation. Best way to escape from the fuss, to see new and interesting to gain positive emotions.

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Tourism provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture other countries and regions. Satisfies the curiosity human enriches it spiritually, physically healthier, promotes the development of personality. It allows you to combine the holiday with new knowledge.

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The value for the economy.

Tourism – is not only the travel and rest but also an important area of the economy. The tourism industry contributes to the influx of financial resources. It not only provides income for tourism businesses, and provides tax revenues. Increases the demand for food and a variety of services, thus stimulating the development of related industries (transport, lodging, communications, trade and public catering, production of souvenirs, etc.). Service of tourists – a source of income for local people. The development of tourism contributes to the creation of new jobs and provide employment.

The political significance.

Tourism enhances the prestige of the country, its reputation in the international community and among ordinary citizens. It strengthens the inter regional and international friendships. Also to the stabilize the relationship between regions and states.

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Conditions of development.

World experience shows that the dynamic development of tourism, the following conditions.

A stable social and economic situation.

Lack of administrative and bureaucratic barriers when moving across borders and between guest stays.

Attractive recreational resources.

Development of tourism infrastructure and qualified personnel.
The high level of service, ensuring a comfortable stay, hospitality, culture and professionalism of staff.
A comfortable and secure transport, a reliable connection.
Serving businesses and tourist companies.

Kinds of Tourism.

Tours of Recreation (Health).

Type of tourism, performed with health or medical purposes. Resorts offer tourists complexes of therapeutic procedures, services, massage parlors, etc.

Excursion tours.

Excursion tours – one of the types of tourism, which enjoys the greatest popularity. This is a great way to find a country to get acquainted with its culture and traditions.

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Tours of Culture.

Cultural tourism involves visits to places of cultural and
historical heritage. And places of cultural and recreational activities.

Notre Dame de Paris, Milan, Tours of tours of places of cultural and historical heritage

Research and Education tours.

Scientific and educational tourism – a relatively new kind of

international  of tourism. Providing for travel to conduct research, training or further education. In addition, scientific tourism may include participation in scientific research expeditions. With regard to educational tourism. This   most popular tourist trips to learn the language, especially in Britain and other English-speaking countries.

Professional and business tourism.

Professional and  business tourism involves traveling on business, associated with the performance of professional duties.

Sports tourism.

Sports tourism associated with travel to various sporting events. The popularity of this type of tourism is growing. It allows you to engage in selected sports (skiing, swimming, sports fishing and hunting, etc.).

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Ecological tourism.

Most of the proposals on eco-tourism involves visits to protected areas. Nature reserves, national parks, natural monuments acquaintance with nature: the caves, waterfalls and unique natural landscapes. With a magnificent diversity of human activity untouched flora and fauna.

Adventure (extreme) tourism.

The purpose of adventure tourism – is first of all adventures, wherever they occur – in the mountains, the desert, in caves, in forests or on the water.

For adventure tourism include hiking expeditions, safaris (hunting, fishing, photography, etc.). Circumnavigation (yachting). Varied and transport – from camels and horses, to the all-terrain vehicles and aircraft. The main objectives of adventure tours – the discovery and learning something new, allowing feel like discoverer.

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Shopping tours.

Type of tourism aimed at the shopping (mostly shopping and entertainment complexes) and the purchase of products.

Religious (pilgrimage) tourism.

A variety of religious tourism, committed believers different confessions  to the holy places.

Exotic tourism.

Exotic tourism began to develop in recent years. There were tours, affecting their uniqueness. For example, some companies offer Space cruises. And even space flight to the moon. There is a firm that organize cruise to Antarctica and the North Pole.

Photo tour.

Photo tours planned for the most photo-attractive places so as to provide maximum opportunity for creativity in creating photos for tourists taking into account light load and the location shooting venue.


Cruise – this is the original form of recreation, also known as an elite tour.

Sea and river cruises are very popular among those who wish to visit several countries in one trip.

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Some people prefer a quiet stroll to museums, for others there is nothing better than sunny beaches. There are those who prefer to all other forms of active recreation. Skydiving, diving, multi-day hiking, skiing and much more – it all becomes part of life for many people.

Beach tourism.

Beach tourism is a special kind of holiday. And if you are not surprised by the beauty of the Mediterranean resorts and European cities, you can go to Mauritius, Goa and the Seychelles, exotic islands. Where there is no fuss and banality.

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