Perfume for Children

Children’s perfumes.

Perfume for Children

Baby Care – the best way to ensure proper care for the soft baby skin. Perfume for Children differs with a minimal alcohol content, safe use of natural ingredients.

There are children’s products of perfumes, using which you do not bring your baby any harm. The lines of some manufacturers offer Eau water with plant extracts. It performs the function of moisturizing the skin of the child.

Experts welcome the presence of odor-ants in the means of child care (in shampoos and tooth paste). After all, a pleasant smell helps the child to join the fast culture of caring for your body.

Perfumes can affect the formation of the child’s personality.

The use of perfumes doctors put under doubt. First of all, we should remember that kids learn about the world through their sense of smell, and the spirits will invade this area and disturb the child. The goal of an adult perfume is non-verbal communication, men and women, misleading with pheromones.

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Experts recommend that children should not burden with perfume until he is formed as a person. In addition, the chemical action of fragrances can cause allergic reactions.

Perfume for the child is often imposed by parents.

Perfume for Children, baby shampoo

Parents often impose personal desires for children. Little tots are not so willing perfumes as their mothers and fathers. If you want to bring up in your child a big femininity you can sometimes use perfumes. But if your princess so encouraged by her mother’s cosmetics and perfumes, these fragrances bottles can only harm the formation of its personality.

Children allowed using perfume even in ancient Egypt. Putting special aromatic oil on baby’s skin, thus a woman tried to calm the children.

Modern manufacturers have adopted the experience of the ancient sages. New cosmetic products are created for children that contain no alcohol and parabens and are made only from natural ingredients.

If we are talking about the perfumes that have passed all necessary tests and confirmed their safety for the child, do not worry about them. You can use this perfume, after two years when the baby is formed a protective barrier of the skin.

How to choose fragrance for your child?

Perfume for Children

Of course, it is good if baby shows independence and can pick up a perfume for the soul. But if she trusts her mother, for you the easiest way to buy a suitable fragrance, based on knowledge of the psycho personality of your child. Psychologists distinguish them only four: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic.


A bright child whose emotions are pouring over the edge. This is an active girl with a lot of hobbies and friends, and communicative. Such children are easily excitable, hyperactive.

Fragrances: For the children of this type must be chosen aromas with the calming of ingredients such as peppermint, lavender, rose. They not only reduce stress but also help to concentrate.


Lively child, as well as the sanguine, easily excitable.  Choleric are difficult to concentrate on one thing. For such a psycho type baby characterized by frequent changes of mood.

Fragrances:  it is necessary to select perfumes with hints of lemon balm, ylang-ylang and lemon. They reduce anxiety, elevate mood.


Melancholic – perhaps the most vulnerable children who are inclined to experience deep, even minor failures;  Unsure of themselves, mentally weak, secretive.

Fragrances: perfume with notes of grapefruit, sage, cinnamon, bergamot give the kid a little bit of courage and will set the momentum to move forward, will present the positive emotions of optimism.


Balanced, inactive, sluggish. These children are sensible and know how to convince others that he was right, but do not like to argue.

Fragrances: Ylang-ylang, patchouli, rosemary, cedar and various floral combinations. They will make the child a little more mobile, more active.

For all children, regardless of the psychological type are well affect flavors of chocolate, candy, strawberry, banana and vanilla. Just remember that these perfumes better not to apply before a meal, they are able to kill your appetite.

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