Travelling according the island of Cyprus.

Cyprus – this is bright sun, the tender turquoise sea. And also white sandy beaches and whole legend of the fairy-tale island. By which the once walked a Gods. By the magnitude of Cyprus, the third island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its length is 240 km and a width of 100 km. The its nearest neighbors of the Republic of Cyprus are Egypt, Turkey and Syria.

Amazing places in Cyprus. Travelling according the island of Cyprus.

On the island is located a large mountain massif. Abounding with thick forests, mountain rivers. And also with olive groves and vineyards. Nature of Cyprus is multifaceted and diverse. Being at the top of Mount Olympos, you can see the snowy peaks of the Troodos mountains. And at the very bottom, foaming waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Amazing and beautiful places in Cyprus.Troodos mountains, Mediterranean Sea.

The climate in Cyprus is very  favorable. Here  warm and wet winters with hot and dry summer. The best time to visit this heavenly place – it is from late April to early November.

best heavenly place in Cyprus. Cyprus 2012.

Attractions in Cyprus is not less than the stones on the coast. Starting with the capital of country Nicosia and ending grave of Lazarus. Journey through Nicosia diversifies yours time reconduction on the island. Here  are many architectural of monuments and antiquities. The main religion in the country is Christianity. On the island there are Orthodox churches.

diving in Ayia Napa, sea diving, amazing places in Cyprus.

The island has all the conditions for water sports. Including diving and snorkeling.

sea diving with turtle, diving effect, diving for women.

Local cuisine is very the diverse and is saturated. It is dominated by seafood, including squid, shrimp, octopus, etc. Is many Greek and of Turkish dishes for every taste. Kitchen is multinational. And besides Cypriot culinary of masterpieces, offered an extensive menu on the most refined tastes.

food on Cyprus, culinary masterpieces of Cyprus


The best beaches in Cyprus – Ayia Napa and Protaras. One of the most scenic – Nissi Beach, with an island off the coast and with white sand. Also well known and popular Gritty gulf. “Lady’s Mile”, the longest beach on the island. Located to the west of Limassol and is very popular among local residents.

The best beaches in Cyprus 2012. Ayia Napa and Protaras.

On the east of Limassol is the second popular beach, “the Gubernatorial”. Where usually held all beach parties. And between Limassol and Paphos is situated famous beach of Aphrodite. Place of birth of the goddess of love. The beach is small, pebble. On season he regularly is filled with lots of tourists.

Place of birth of the goddess of love. The famous place of birth Aphrodite.

The most popular beaches in Larnaca – McKenzie is, Finikoudes. Many hotels in Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos is  provided   beach equipment  free of charge. But in Protaras and Ayia Napa this option – a rare exception.

Limosol. The most popular beaches in Larnaca - McKenzie and Finikoudes.

Kitchen and restaurants of Cyprus.

The island is mainly Greek the cuisine. Differs from its continental variants more active use of seafood. In addition, on based  Cypriot cuisine – meat and vegetable dishes. And the major “culinary landmark ” of the island serves as a meze. Set lunch, including a 20-30 dishes.

Feed dishes meze starting with appetizers, salads and vegetables. And the ends meat dishes. And the in every taverna, a set of these dishes is diverse.

meze, famous Cypriot cheese "feta" and "halloumi".

Particularly noteworthy dishes from famous Cypriot cheese “feta” and “halloumi”. And also, green walnuts in syrup. Should not be forgotten  about the Cypriot wines, spirits and liqueurs. Beer lovers can recommend the foamy drink two local brands – “Kaeo” and “Carlsberg”.

Fish meze, meze from seafood. Cypriot wines and beer. Kaeo and Carlsberg.

In hotels and restaurants is usually included by 10% maintenance fee. Therefore, in Cyprus tipping is optional . But trifle is always accepted with gratitude.

Cyprus from plane, amazing and beautiful place in Cyprus.


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