Children, Kids fashion 2012

Children Fashion 2012

Kids Actual Trends.

Modern clothes for kids looked incredibly stylish and elegant, and the luxury demonstrated models created with caution an adult fashion.

Children Fashion style 2012

It should be noted that all things were made of natural materials, comfort and practicality of different, besides all the wardrobe items quite harmoniously combined stylish ensembles.

Trendy colors.

All the coming season 2011-2012 was marked by the dominance of the classic colors: black, white, gray. However, such clothing thanks to the efforts of designers do not look boring and monotonous: all sorts of interesting items decorated with stylish children’s clothes.

modern kids fashion 2012 , children

In particular, prints, drawings, applique and embroidery. By cheerful tints include coral, orange, purple, pink, fuchsia, red. Of particular relevance in this season will get these prints as a stripe and the point.

Children multi colored dress

Multi-colored striped patterns represented by the following contrasting colors: white, red, white and black, gray and black.


In the children’s clothing material of which it is made, is of paramount importance. Things should be in the first place safe for health and comfort. So manufacturers are increasingly prefer natural fabrics.

Kids Fashion style 2012 , children 2012

They are hypoallergenic, are pleasant to the touch, have good thermal insulation properties.
For the production of the top children’s winter clothing often use synthetic materials more appropriate – they are practical, convenient, economical, durable. In this case, you need to choose things on the lining of one hundred percent cotton. Popular materials this winter are wool, knitwear and jeans.

Details and decorations.

Children’s clothes, by definition, cannot be boring. Various decorations are welcome:

Most fashionable style of kids podium 2012

For boys and girls are not the designers forgot to include in a collection of funny things with prints, pictures, applications, images of favorite cartoon characters. Do not go out of fashion pretty original embroidery.

For little fashionistas designers have added little luxuries: crystals, chains, lace and fur decorations. As decorative elements in winter clothes, various buttons, buckles, rivets.
Latest news this winter and Scandinavian designs. The reindeer, snowflakes and ornaments on the northern sweaters, knitted dresses and vests look fashionable and comfortable.

Details in clothes style and give the original, most importantly that they combined with each other and did not make any disharmony in the image.

Kids Fashion classics.

Another of the children’s fashion trends 2011-2012 will be a combination of classic lines in the children’s things.

Children Fashion classic trend 2012

At the same time the designers have not forgotten to consider the mobility of young ladies and gentlemen, when you create clothes – they made it beautiful, elegant and very comfortable for the active life of the child.

Children Military Style for Kids.

The style “military” very successfully moved from adult to children’s fashion. Inflated jackets, coats, jackets, shirts, military-style will be particularly actual in this season.

Children clothes military fashion style

For the girls can find dresses and skirts with military prints, which oddly enough, looked very tenderly and beautiful.

Jeans – as always in fashion!

One of the most favorite children of clothing – jeans – does not lose its relevance. This season will again be popular “careless shabbiness.”

Indigo-Girls Gucci, Indigo Girls, children stylish fashion trends

Be fashionable jeans, overalls, jeans jacket with a pronounced abrasions, lacerations, and darn with decorative patches.

Indigo Girls Gucci, children stylish fashion jeans trends

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