Breast, Mammoplasty, Six famous variants.


Six famous variants of augmentation breast, mammoplasty.

Breast enlargement types, mammoplasty

The axillary  access to (through the armpit). Penetration into the desired layer is carried out through the subcutaneous tissue. Axillary access makes it possible to install both implants under the pectoral muscle, and as under  mammary gland.

axillary  access of breast implantation

Through the areola.

When the cut  is performed across areoles  with the bypass of the nipple from the bottom. Penetration into the desired layer is performed by dissecting the breest tissue.

Through the areola, mammoplasty

Around the areola.

When the cut is executed on the lower the semicircle  areola with skin. Penetration into the desired layer is carried out way subcutaneous abruption along the lower pole of the breast. Since the thickness of subcutaneous layer in this area is small.  Possible to damage to individual lobes and ducts of the breast.

Around the areola, mammoplasty

After brisket crease.

When the cut is executed along the way to under breast to creases.. Penetration into the desired layer is carried out through the subcutaneous tissue. Mammary gland tissue at such access no way affected.

figure of After brisket crease, mammoplasty

Through the navel.

When the cut is executed along the upper semicircle of the navel. Penetration into the desired layer is carried out through the subcutaneous tissue. Mammary tissue at such access no way affected.

breast enlargement, Through the navel

Through an incision on the front abdominal wall.

When the cut is executed with plastic abdomen (for the bikini line). Mammary tissue at  such access no way affected. Used only in conjunction with abdominal plastics. The only  advantage – the possibility to perform two operations through one cut.

breast enlargement 2012, by  Through an incision on the front abdominal wall

Caring for the breast.

A beautiful and elastic breast almost every woman’s dream. And to make the breasts more attractive without the use of radical ways is quite real.

Water procedures.

For the breast is very useful to cold shower-bath. You should begin with warm water, gradually making it more cool. Such shower  activate blood circulation in the chest.

Nutrition of the breast skin.

Can purchase a special nourishing cream for the breasts.  A mean for nutrition of the breast skin need to apply with light massage movements.

Massage the breast.

Very to effective for the maintaining a beautiful breast shape it is  a massage. It is enough to spend 5-10 minutes a day. And the result will be evident after 3 months.

Massage the breast, perfect bust

Proper nutrition for the breast.

Elastic Breast – this is the result of proper nutrition. If you want to have beautiful breasts, your diet is not the place a lot of foods containing salt that could retain water in the body.  Smoked, fried foods, alcohol – the enemies of the good state of the breast skin.

Useful for the breast products that regulate water balance in the body (bananas, rice, bread from wheat flour), a leading out of the slag (yeast), vitamin C, B6, potassium (fish oil).

care cream for breast, breast size, Caring for the breast, enlargement


Very useful for the breast is this – swimming. Regular (2-3 times per week) swimming in the pool will give your breast of elasticity and a more attractive form.

Choosing the right bra.

Modern female representatives increasingly prefer to effective bras made from synthetic materials. Few know that of uncomfortable and  improperly  selected model bra can lead to the development of many diseases, including those to provoke of breast cancer.

Therefore, to preserve the beauty of the breast and will not cause harm to her health, it is necessary to choose the right bra.

Choosing the right bra

For the cone-shaped breasts to fits a clear horizontal seam.  A narrow bust  supported  calyx  with vertical seams.

Preference is given to cotton products. Which is desirable is well.  Thus as, is not interfere with natural circulation of air.

Do not choose a bra, that restrict breathing. This leads to circulatory problems.  Can cause blood congestion. That can lead to serious consequences and health problems of the breast.

In addition, you should not choose the fabric of dark tones and colors. Since the color pigment, standing out from the tissue, can penetrate into the body. This is especially true of inexpensive cloth.  Correctly choosen  bra should not only be a beautiful, but to be, first of all and convenient.

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