Trendy bangs 2012 – 2013

Trendy bangs 2012 u 2013.

Bang, Trendy bangs 2012 u 2013

Since women have discovered how effectively can be improved their appearance with the help of a bang, it does not lose its relevance. Fashion changes, bangs do not lag behind. Short and long, straight and ragged, thick and rare, they decorate women for thousands of years.

Straight bangs.

Bangs, Trendy bangs 2012 u 2013

In the upcoming 2013 a fashion is still thick, long bangs. Particularly advantageous such an image looks on perfectly straight, smooth hair.

Trendy short and straight bangs are obtained perfectly from the straight and thick hair of dark shades, from black to rich mahogany color. For people of Asian type, as well as owners of high-brow haircut will become a real decoration.

On the bright hair you cannot achieve such an effect, because the color of skin and hair will be merged. For blonde’s more suitable will be long and bushy milling bangs to the eyebrows, creating a feeling of tenderness and gentleness.

Briefly and graphically.

Bangs, Trendy bang 2012 u 2013

Short and thick bangs would be no less popular in the coming year. Briefly, in this season graphically bangs will be fashionable. The most actual trend – is a perfect straight line crossing forehead.

However, such hairstyle will not suit to everyone; so you should pay attention to the other variants. As always, above all, the beauty is fashionable, rather than blindly following someone else’s ideas.

It is optimal if the bang is cut in a straight line. Such an ideal geometry looks great on dark hair, for example, black or brown tint. By the way, such bang is irreplaceable for owners of high-brow; it will give gentle facial features and femininity to the hairstyle.

The asymmetry in trend.

Asymmetrical bangs are very fashionable, especially actual for short hair. Side parting, and laid on the side bangs create an excellent impression of harmony.

Owners of magnificent eyebrows should pay attention to the bang-arc. Smooth line informs the image of femininity and softness. Fashionable prolong bang in the center to focus attention on eye makeup. Asymmetrical bangs will also be an optimal solution in order to visually lengthen the face of oval form.

Round bangs in the style of 70s.

Bang, Trendy bang 2012 u 2013

Retro style again is a leader in the field of contemporary styling. Round accurate bangs, so fashionable in the 70s, today are no less valid. In order to create textured bangs hair above the forehead, must be trimmed to a flat line from temple to temple.

If you have a broad forehead, it visually corrects this defect, and emphasizes the high cheekbones. Round bangs looks better with long hair to the shoulders.

Bouffant bangs.

Bang, Trendy bang 2012 u 2013

Trendy bouffant bangs 2012 – indisputable hit of next season. At first glance, this version is rude, but you certainly will be in the center of attention! Choosing this variant of bang – the main thing is not to overdo it. In your image everything should be in harmony.

Thick bangs.

Bangs, Trendy bang 2012 u 2013

Along with asymmetrical bangs stylists offer us alternative, thick bangs – classic, which rest on the crest of a wave for several seasons. If you decide to make a thick fashionable bang 2012, the choice is yours (straight or curved, short or long). Connect your imagination and skilled hands of a stylist. Straight bangs would look very beautiful with the familiar to many people bob hairstyle.

Ripped bangs.

Ripped and asymmetrical bangs add a little stylish negligence in your image and visually make your hair lighter. This version looks great with smooth and slightly tousled hair. It will give a visual effect of light hair and bohemian chic.
These bangs perfectly combine with the smooth hair, and can perfectly correct the oval of the face.

Experiment, do not be afraid to change and do not forget that hair plays a key role in creating your image.

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